Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sky Force Reloaded for iPhone released!

We have the pleasure to inform you that Sky Force Reloaded is now available also to iPhone and iPod Touch users! You will find this fast-paced and action-packed arcade shooter in the App Store. A demo version will follow shortly!


antonioj said...

hello, congrats for the release!!!

will k-rally also be ported to iphone???

CoSTa said...

Guys, this game rocks!

Dobra robota panowie! Gratulacje i czekamy na więcej dobrych tytułów dla iPhone :)

tapgame said...

can i offer free Russian localization for your great iPhone game? just send files to translate

Kalle said...

Can you tell if you ported over the software renderer, or recreated the game rendering using polygons with OpenGL ES?

Лизавета said...

Damn guys! Why did you leave Symbian, I used to play your games on n-gage QD, and I have Omnia HD now, why dont you get back to Symbian! Please give explode arena, krally, skyforce for touch! We really need these games!!! So many people wait you to port these games for S60 Touch now!!!

TOM said...

@antonioj - yes, we are working on that
@Costa - Dzieki
@Kalle - SFR for iPhone is using OpenGL ES
@Лизавета - we do not leave Symbian. Now you can play SF & SFR on 5th edition ( and you can expect more games quite soon. Stay tuned