Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making of Jelly Defence Trailer!

Whoa! It took us 3 long months to update the blog but here it is! Or... they are, as this time we are showing you some pictures taken during the making of Jelly Defence Trailer! To watch the trailer visit the official website of Jelly Defence (we updated it a little bit): http://idreams.pl/JellyDefence. And below are the pics ;).

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Женя said...

Guys! It is all very interesting an etc, but why the hell Skyforce for S60V5 doesn't run on Samsung i8910HD! It has nothing to do with certification, it just have a lock inside exe not to run! The same is with Satio! Please fix it! I hope you don't want lot's of bad PR or etc, cause really lot's of people are quite pissed off! I hope you respond, cause if you don't you will see really lot's of people speaking here about this problem! I want to buy your games, please make it compatible with all S60V5, not only Nokia S60V5!