Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the spotlight: our technology!

Here is a little video we made some time ago. It is a short presentation of the technology we use in the production of our games. If you are into such kind of content let us know and we will try to publish here some more stuff like that!


eletrix said...

WoW it is very a comprehensible video.

great works.

P.S, Does the red aircraft refer to

no just kidding guys.
take all the time you need to develope not your games but i would abuse your dreams with us.
i'm afraid skyforce isn't at the first place of my favorite game,
the 1st place is being held from METAL GEAR SOLID.
i think you have heard about his several delays but i'm happy because i know i will experience a better take all the time you need.

this is the last year of my senior high school.and i'm dammn happy because i can share more time with my friends and expecially one ....

sshhhhhh don't tell anyone about this

eletrix said...

are you guys of IDREAMS yourself that create your own video trailers ???

If it is so you are 360° softwarehouse team.