Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year and new projects on our minds...

We have entered the New Year with fresh ideas and the resolution to bring you many more top quality mobile games! This is why we work hard in parallel on several interesting projects. Sadly we cannot reveal them right now but stay tuned cause soon we will provide more details.

And here are some pictures to show you that we are all really focused on those new projects!

As you can see we are a devoted and passionate team so you can expect new amazing game titles from Infinite Dreams in the forthcoming future!


eletrix said...

oh i can't believe you guys of INFINITE DREAMS are only 9-10 guys developing games !?!?!!!!

you are amazing if you are able to develope an exellent game in only six months, you are too few people.

anyway can you tell us the number of your multiple projects.



Infinite Dreams said...

As we already said we cannot give you more information right now - you'll probably have to wait for the Spring ;)

eletrix said...



thanks anyway

...somebody can try it...